What’s new with HHMS??

Greetings from the Montessori World!! What’s new with Helping Hands Montessori Services you might ask? Well for starters, I have added a Montessori home program to my forte. So far so good. We have three toddlers and 1 year old who is my child. She is transitioning great! The children come to school at 9 am and are ready to go outside and play. It really is the best time because we live in Austin and it is really hot still. So we have outside time for about 30-45 minutes. Then we go inside and wash hands and work in the classroom for a little bit. Then its snack time. If the children are hungry before that, they are welcome to have snack and I really try to encourage them to listen to their bodies. We work with the materials and I give morning lessons. The classroom is set up like a traditional Montessori classroom with low shelves with a few thoughtfully placed items on each shelf. We also have a kitchen set up where the children work and do pouring exercises, etc. There is a really fun rug with roads, train tracks, a park, and a race track on it. The boys really love this! We also have an area for dress up that is available any time for the children. We have an awesome outside area with swings, basketball hoop, garden, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a whole lot more. The children are learning lots of grace and courtesy and practical life. More to report soon.

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