HHMS Mission Statement

Helping Hands Montessori Services is a local business designed to help parents, teachers and schools in their efforts to provide the best possible care to the children in our community. I offer a variety of services for parents to incorporate Montessori Philosophy through purposeful activity into the home. This allows the child to participate in every aspect of the home life and promotes an authentic approach to the child. We meet the sensitivities of your child(ren) which helps to provide an opportunity for the child to live naturally in the home.

The mission of HHMS is to share and deepen the knowledge of Maria Montessori’s philosophies in order to promote self-reliance and independence in young children. We want to help families build a bridge from the home environment to the school environment. Our ultimate service is to aid the child in reaching their greatest potential.

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The Montessori Method


A system of educating and raising children to develop their fullest potential

Eating in Elegance
Children are born mindful and with wisdom we can keep this skill alive: “Montessori is wonderful in this way.”—the Dalai Lama

Since 1982 Michael Olaf Montessori has helped parents and teachers around the world understand and to support the full potential of the child. (picture to the left is Susan Mayclin Stephenson in Mongolia, November 2014)


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Testimonials for HHMS

“Talitha came to our home and provided us with detailed and organized ways of implementing the Montessori principles into our home. With her advice, our daughters’ (and our) space has transformed.” -Maria Morshed Austin, TX

Helping Hands Montessori School gave our son the perfect environment to thrive in as a toddler.  He learned grace, courtesy, and love for himself and others in a compassionate and uplifting setting.  We are so fortunate to have found such a special place for our little one.” Zeina El-Azzi  Santa Barbara, CA
“I’ve attended your workshops in the past. I always felt it provided a great forum for parents to ask questions and get ideas for instituting Montessori principles at home.” -Laura Beale, daughter 2 ½
“We couldn’t have had better teachers for Asia OR for ourselves as parents of a 1-3 year old…there are no great schools/learning centers for 1-3 year olds and HH Montessori truly fills that void in an astounding way.  For the value of care our daughter is receiving a level of foundational life skills, confidence, sense of self and leadership that would be akin to private schools and an MBA without the Harvard price tag. Finally, the sense of community and connection between the kids, teachers and parents have become a joyous part of our lives” – Tarek  Morshed  Austin, TX
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