The Montessori Method


A system of educating and raising children to develop their fullest potential

Eating in Elegance
Children are born mindful and with wisdom we can keep this skill alive: “Montessori is wonderful in this way.”—the Dalai Lama

Since 1982 Michael Olaf Montessori has helped parents and teachers around the world understand and to support the full potential of the child. (picture to the left is Susan Mayclin Stephenson in Mongolia, November 2014)


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Reading is so fun!

I have had the great privilege, and yes it is a privilege, to substitute in a primary classroom. I have subbed as the lead guide and the assistant and both have been fun, exciting, sweet. Today I had three children labeling the environment. After MANY labels, one 5 year old returned to me and said, “learning to read is so fun!” that’s it right there guys! When you get that response as a teacher you know it’s a good day.

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