Meal Prep at Home

Do you have a little kitchen your child has out grown?

I have transformed this little play kitchen into a small “real” kitchen for my kiddo.

It features: 
* a water dispenser with cups and glasses
*food items she can get to when she needs a snack
*plates, napkins and silverware
*egg crushing activity (this consists of used and cleaned egg shells, a mortar & pestle, a jar she can keep the crushed shells in to be put in the garden as excellent fertilizer)
*an apron

**You can change the food items and activities out as needed

She now uses this station multiple times a day! She loves getting water for everyone at dinner, helping set the table and preparing her self a snack throughout the day.

I can feel her joy as she independently takes care of some of her basic needs (and of course asks for help when she needs it).

This is the point of creating a “prepared environment”- where the child feels that they are a part of the family community, can contribute and can be self-reliant in a grown up world.

How have you transformed your child’s play kitchen??

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